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Your little bit of Space and Your special time within it! Create a custom Solar System of life's most meaningful moments.

Ignite their curiosity with a personalised Solar System!  Generated using NASA data, The Planets Aligned lets you create a unique Solar System showing the alignment of the planets from a day that meant the world to you.

For those magical moments, for those unforgettable events or simply for the future Astronaut in your life, bring a little bit of Space into your home with The Planets Aligned.

The Planets Aligned At Home

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Created with Conscience

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Produced Locally

To minimise transportation we produce your night sky in a print lab closest to you. We now have 6 print labs throughout the world.

Ten Prints = One Tree

For every 10 prints sold by The Night Sky we plant a tree with onetreeplanted.org. Each purchase goes towards better air, climate and biodiversity.

Carbon Offset

Our 10 Print = 1 Tree initiative means that the minimum transport that we do incur is offset by Planting trees. Our goal is carbon neutrality.

How We Do It

The Planets Aligned is wall art that presents a model of our solar system showing the planets as they are positioned relative to each other and the sun on a given date.

By combining the latest data from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory with increasingly accurate algorithms to calculate the position of planetary bodies built over centuries, this solar system print provides a unique and inspiring fingerprint of your special moment in time.


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